(Frequently Asked Questions)

This section of our website addresses many of the common questions users ask about Auction Wizard® 2000 when evaluating the program's features and functionality. We don't delve into specific technical areas here, as those are covered in the online help files. For specific help with an issue during use of the program, we also provide assistance through our technical support system. Another resource that you may find particularly valuable in evaluating Auction Wizard 2000 are the discussion boards.

What is the current version of Auction Wizard 2000?

As of January 12, 2021, the current version of Auction Wizard 2000 is 2.5 (Build 332) Update Level 1667.

How much does Auction Wizard 2000 cost?

An Auction Wizard 2000 license costs US$50.00 per year. When using it in a networked configuration each computer requires a separate license, and each license requires annual renewal.

Email support and updates are provided at no additional cost.

The license renewal must be paid annually to maintain your program's operability. Due to the low cost, we provide no option for monthly payments. Auction Wizard 2000 will remind you as your registration anniversary approaches so you can continue uninterrupted use. Payment of initial registration and renewal fees can be made via PayPal.

This pricing structure is reflected on our Purchase page.

Does Auction Wizard 2000 support eBay Motors?

Auction Wizard 2000 currently supports eBay Motors "Parts & Accessories" categories. We are investigating the possibility of adding support for eBay Motors vehicle categories in a future version, but there is no timeframe for when this might happen.

Is there a Macintosh version of Auction Wizard 2000?

Auction Wizard 2000 is designed to run on Windows. The only way to run Auction Wizard 2000 on a Mac is to run Windows on the Mac using a product like Boot Camp, VMware Fusion or Parallels.

Can Auction Wizard 2000 list auctions in currencies other than U.S. Dollars?

Auction Wizard 2000 can only list and tracks items in US Dollars. The program will display currency amounts using the local currency format, but all values are assumed to be US Dollars. Items that are listed in currencies other than US Dollars cannot be updated or imported.

What options are available if my email account does not support POP3 and/or SMTP?

There are free email accounts available that support POP3 and SMTP. They can be found using the Free Email Providers Guide. Remember, any email account you use must support POP3 and SMTP.

Can I use eBay Picture Services for the images I want in my listings?

Auction Wizard 2000 supports eBay Picture Services.