Purchase Auction Wizard® 2000

When you are convinced that Auction Wizard 2000 is the complete auction management software solution for you, your next step is to register your copy by purchasing a license. If you have not yet tried Auction Wizard 2000, download and try it for 60 days free of charge.

You can purchase Auction Wizard 2000 software licenses and installation CD's or pay your annual license renewal via PayPal. When you tender payment for a software license or annual renewal, you will receive a Registration Code via Email. Registration Codes for new licenses are entered on the "Please Register" window that appears when you run Auction Wizard 2000. License Renewal Codes are entered at the appropriate screen when prompted.

How much does Auction Wizard 2000 cost?

An Auction Wizard 2000 license costs US$50.00 per year. When using it in a networked configuration each computer requires a separate license, and each license requires annual renewal.

The license renewal must be paid annually to maintain your program's operability. Due to the low cost, we provide no option for monthly payments. Auction Wizard 2000 will remind you as your registration anniversary approaches so you can continue uninterrupted use.

Email support and updates are provided at no additional cost.

To purchase Auction Wizard 2000 software licenses by PayPal, click the link below. To make an annual license renewal payment, simply click on the button when the license renewal reminder window pops up in your copy of Auction Wizard 2000.

Purchase Auction Wizard 2000 License: US$50.00
(Each user on a network requires their own license)

Purchase an Auction Wizard 2000 License